Saturday, July 22, 2006

He's My Superman!

Still livid over "Superman Returns." Everyone and their Aunt Tilly knows full well that the greatest superhero movies ever put into the can were "Superman" and "Superman II" (hopefully, the Donner cut will premiere this century). Goin' in the theater, fifteen dollars less, I knew "Superman Returns" wouldn't top those classics; however, yours truly expected the sequel/remake/whatever to be, at the very least, palatable. But like so much of the commercial swill being foisted upon the masses these days, it was all dressed up, nowhere to go. Phooey on today's superhero/superheroine/super team flicks (well, I did like "Batman Begins"), I'm lovin' the Turkish "Superman", entitled "Supermen Dönüyor." It may be awful but it still rules, copyright laws be damned. It's strange shit, no doubt. But if you're gonna make shit, make fun shit. This sweet oddity is so much warmer and more entertaining than most of today's slick, CGI-infested, dunderheaded event pictures. This was made for a sliver of a fraction of the new "Superman's" budget, yet it is chock full of campy, off-the-wall, "what da hell?" charm, even though I don't know what the fuck they're saying. Wheeeeeeee!


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